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Professional cleaning service in Växjö

English-Speaking Cleaning Service in Växjö (Vaexjoe) Sweden

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Hem och kontor AB – the best professional cleaning service in Växjö – is a cleaning support service serving multiple towns, villages, and also rural areas in Småland with top-notch home cleaning services. Our company was built with the intention of helping others and making life easier. We know life gets busy, between work, school, kids, extra-curricular activities, and so much more, the last thing anyone wants to do is his chores around the house. That’s when you call us!

Best cleaning service in Växjö
Best cleaning service in Växjö. We also offer you the best Campus cleaning in the Linnaeus University-area!

Residential cleaning & commercial cleaning support

We strive to treat your house like it is ours. We understand that the hectic and fast pace natures of life can make it difficult to thoroughly clean your house, but we are here to lend a helping hand, or two. When you need cleaning support – call us!

Whether it’s standard house cleaning, move-out cleaning, or the hundreds of things that are on your cleaning to-do list; our experienced team is here to get the job done right.

Residential Cleaning

Cleaning services in Växjö for individuals

You are tired after a hectic day at work — we get it. Dirty and disorganized surroundings don’t really help in easing your mind and reducing your stress. Allow our professional cleaners to clean your home while you focus on your everyday priorities. Our cleaning service goes above and beyond to keep your home or office sparklingly clean.

  • Home cleaning. As a customer with us, it is you who decides what is to be cleaned and to what extent. The idea is that you should enjoy a clean and tidy home but always on your terms. You decide the extent of the home cleaning with us. Because all moments are clear and through our checklist it is easier for our homemaid and you as a customer to check what has been done. Home cleaning …
  • Recurring home cleaning. We offer weekly and biweekly cleaning services to help keep your home or apartment consistently clean. Our experienced team is ready to provide all the benefits of our residential cleaning on a weekly/biweekly basis. Your homemaid will strive to deliver the best cleaning you’ve ever had, time and time again. Additionally, when you book a home maid service through Hem och kontor AB, you can book extras on top of the base cleaning to achieve your desired cleaning.
  • Cleaning help. Have you considered whether you need cleaning help? In that case, you are not alone in that, new customers come to us every day who have been thinking about just that for a while. What most customers usually feel most satisfied with after hiring cleaning help is that they get more time for things that they really want to spend time on. Cleaning help …
  • Window cleaning. Window cleaning is a skill that uses knowledgeable employees with good equipment and regular training. At Hem och kontor AB the professional cleaners, we are keen to keep our window cleaners work for us, they are our professionally proud superstars – therefore we can offer a window cleaning service in Växjö that is different from anyone else. Window cleaning …
  • Move-out cleaning. Clean apartments so that you yourself would feel welcome to move in. If you do not have time to clean, book and move cleaning by a cleaning support company. Read more about relocation cleaning. Move-out cleaning (flyttstädning or slutstädning in Swedish) is necessary to take care of. If you hand over your house or leaving your apartment without cleaning it first, it can be a very expensive mistake. The landlord or the new homeowner may charge you for the cleaning afterward. Save yourself some trouble and money – let our Cleaning service in Växjö take care of it. Move-out cleaning …

Cleaning service in Växjö Campus
We do Campus Cleaning in the Linnaeus University-area! Special offer for cleaning service in Växjö in the Campus area. And we take care of everything about your move-out cleaning.

  • Pre-sale property cleaning. A clean and fresh home gives a good impression at the show. To the speculators, it signals that your home is a home that has been well taken care of. With such a quality stamp, of course, your chances of a high final price increase in the event of a possible bidding. Pre-sale property cleaning …
  • House cleaning service prices. Are you planning to hire cleaning help? We understand that. Getting help with the cleaning of a professional cleaning service is a smart way to free up time. Here we go through what affects the price when you should hire cleaning help and what you should think about when you choose a cleaning company. Home cleaning prices …
  • House cleaning. Our professional cleaning team thoroughly cleans down to the smallest detail and also makes sure to clean in the places you often forget. Each home is unique – because of that we adapt our cleaning to your wishes. We clean so that it really gets clean. House cleaning …

Commercial cleaning service

Cleaning services in Växjö for businesses

When your business needs to be cleaned, you can trust Hem och kontor AB to get the job done right. Our commercial cleaning services make your working area a more comfortable and inviting place to work. This allows your employees to spend more time on their work as opposed to making time for cleaning in the house. Teaming up with us as your full-time cleaning service will allow your company to maximize its full potential in a clean, safe environment while essentially saving you money. We are ready to put the best cleaners in your facility as soon as tomorrow.

  • Office cleaning. Whether it is a reception, an office, a small shop or a large industrial premises, one thing is for sure – the first impression counts! Office cleaning …
  • Construction site clean-up. When you have carried out a rebuild or renovation at home or elsewhere, it often results in a real mess. There may be debris, construction debris and dust scattered over the local or home that has recently undergone a new or remodeling. Carrying out ongoing rough cleaning during the construction project is necessary to create as good and efficient a working environment as possible for the construction companies that are on site. Construction site clean-up …
  • Staircase cleaning. From the first second someone steps in to your building, they form an opinion and staircase cleaning is just as important. Let our cleaning heroes make sure that your premises give visitors the best possible feeling from the first time they take a step inside the building! Staircase cleaning …
  • Retail and shop cleaning. That your store must be clean and fresh for customers to thrive should be a matter of course. Unfortunately, it is far too common for entrepreneurs to skimp on store cleaning. It is thought that once a week may be enough and that any cleaning company should suffice, but that is a completely wrong way of thinking. Cleaning is incredibly important for your store signage and premises to show off their best sides. It does not help that you have great goods and a nice presentation if there is a layer of dust on the shelves and your cleaner is careless in removing stains on glass cases and other surfaces. Shop cleaning …

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